Executive Board


John Mervyn

The President is the administrative head of the local union and is responsible to the membership for carrying through the mandate of Local 30. An active President will inspire fellow officers to become active and will inspire greater participation in the union’s affairs on the part of members. The President speaks on behalf of the local union and meets with employers and the general public and symbolizes the rightful activities of the local union to improve wages, hours and working conditions.


CUPE Local 30 has four Vice-Presidents, one for each of the large employers in the Edmonton region and one for Fort Saskatchewan. The Vice-Presidents serve as necessary when the President is not available to fulfill his or her duties.

Neil Ketler

City of Edmonton GVP

Brian Sandford


Secretary Treasurer

Rick Ewashko

The Treasurer receives all monies, property and securities on behalf of the local union. All bill payments are made monthly by cheque bearing the union label and drawn on a local bank. One of the Treasurer’s important duties is to prepare and submit to the National Office the monthly membership report and per capita tax. All cheques are signed by two authorized signatures.

Assistant Treasurer

Wade Naicken

Recording Secretary

Sharon Tobias


Jacob Yacoub

Chief Shop Stewards

Norman Hudon

Chief Shop Steward – Fort Saskatchewan

James Hawkes

Chief Shop Steward – Roads

Amanda Mailman

Chief Shop Steward – Parks

Fritz Jajczay

Chief Shop Steward – Waste

Dragisa (Doug) Laban

Chief Shop Steward – Fleet Services & Maintenance

Dallas Holroyd

Chief Shop Steward – Community Standards

Board of Trustees

The board of Trustees fulfills a number of duties related to financial matters on behalf of the union membership.

a) Act as an Auditing Committee on behalf of the members and audit the books and accounts of the Secretary-Treasurer, the Recording Secretary and Standing Committees bi-annually.
b) Report their finds to the first membership meeting following the completion of each audit.
c) Be responsible to ensure that monies are not paid out without proper constitutional or membership authorization.
d) Ensure that proper financial reports are made to the membership.
e) Inspect at least bi-annually any stocks, bonds, securities, office furniture and equipment, and titles or deeds to property that may be at any time owned by the Local, and report their findings to the membership.
f) Use audit forms supplied by the CUPE National office and send a copy of each six-month audit to the National Secretary Treasurer in accordance with the provisions of the CUPE Constitution.
g) They shall arrange a suitable bond for the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and signing officers.
h) They shall arrange for an audit of all Local books and accounts by an accredited accountant once per year with the costs to be approved by the Executive Board and ratified at a regular General Meeting.
i) They shall assist the Executive Board on matters of a financial nature when requested.

Rachel Krispin – Trustee

Louise Hopp – Trustee

Dennis Henderson – Trustee

CUPE Local 30 National Representative

Jennifer Chretien

CUPE Local 30’s national representative provides assistance and support for all of Local 30’s needs. She is consistently involved with meetings, presentations and bargaining sessions.

Email: jchretien@cupe.ca
Regional Office:
#300 10235 – 124 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5N 1P9