City of Edmonton Bargaining Updates

November 26, 2019

Bargaining Update

CUPE COE memo settlement –  November 21, 2019

 The City’s offer is:

–          The City will have the right to schedule staff up to 12 hours without a shift vote

–          2-year term

–          0% increase for 2019 & 2020

–          3 paid personal days for Permanent staff (of the 5 days allowed legally)

–          1 paid personal day for Provisional staff (of the 5 days allowed legally)

–          Increase midnight premium to $1.75/hour (an increase of $0.15)

–          50% off admission to recreation centres for your immediate family

–          Increase in Disinterment Allowance

o   $50 per cremated remains

o   $150 per buried bodily remains

–          Bereavement leave – move Guardian to 5 days leave with pay

–          Some language changes

The bargaining committee is not supportive of the removal of the shift vote. We feel this is detrimental to the membership and erodes our ability to protect you. For example, if the members in a work area are starting to feel sick due to the long shifts, we will have no ability to change it.

Currently, the standard shift length is 8 hours. If the City or the members would like to work modified hours (10-hour shift length, 12-hour shift length, etc.) then the affected members must vote and 2/3 must agree to the new shift length. There is also a clause that lets the City or the Union withdraw from that shift.

The City has stated that 12-hour shifts don’t make sense for all areas and would only be for areas that it makes sense for. However, as we have all seen in the past, a new supervisor/director may have a different opinion and you may now have to work 12-hour shifts. Even those who are regulated to a maximum number of hours driving could have their shift extended with additional duties in the shop.

FYI: The City has said that it will be sending an email to all Local 30 staff with their messaging on the offer, similar to the email from Kim Armstrong in response to our bargaining update.

Information sessions and polling location will be announced shortly (we have to book the space).

As usual, if you have any questions please call 780-426-6050 or email me at

Thank you,

John Mervyn


CUPE Local 30

November 21, 2019

Bargaining Update

Yesterday there was another bargaining meeting with the City and they have presented us an offer.

The bargaining committee will be setting up an information session and developing materials to share the content of the offer, then a ratification vote (voting to accept/reject the offer) will happen. We have committed to holding the vote on or before the week of Dec 9 – 13.

The City has informed us that they will be sending an email to all CUPE Local 30 city members with information, from their point of view, of the content of the offer and how they intend to apply the proposed language. However, as we all know, intentions can change with different management as time goes by.

The Union will be presenting the same information but with ALL potential outcomes if this contract is accepted and all potential outcomes if the offer is rejected.

Please give us a little time to prepare all the information to present to you.

If you have any questions/comments then please contact me at or call the office at 780-426-6050

Oct 30, 2019

Negotiations update.

Over the last month we have met with the City a few times to finish the language changes that could be agreed upon.

Then the City gave us an offer that was mostly the same as before, still wanting the right to schedule staff up to 12 hours. We rejected this offer based off of the original feedback we had from the members.

We supplied a counteroffer which the City rejected yesterday.

You may have heard about the provincial budget that was released last week. There have been several articles where various mayors and councillors have spoken about broken promises and how the cuts are deeper than anticipated. The cuts primarily focus on the capital budget (building new things) with limited losses in operating budget. However, city council will need to decide what to do with each project. If they decide to keep a project, they will need to find the money from somewhere.

How this will affect negotiations is unknown at this time, but it will affect them.

We will be setting up a date to meet again and the City has requested that the Mediator attend, which will be the second (and last) free day for them.

Additionally, we are moving towards electronic balloting for elections and voting to accept a contract (ratification). To this end we need to update each members contact information.

You may receive an email through your Employee email account with a link to a form to collect this information. This form was created and is owned by the Union. The employer will not have access to this information.

John Mervyn

2014-2018 CUPE Local 30 Collective Agreement

Bargaining update

October 2, 2019

The membership of ATU 569 (transit) and CSU 52 have turned down the City of Edmonton’s offer of:


December 24, 2018 0% increase

December 22,2019 0% increase

December 20,2020 1% increase

July 4,2021 0.5% increase

An improvement in bereavement leave to include guardian as a paid five-day leave (the days would not have to be taken at the same time to allow for cultural differences)

The COE is looking at flex benefits only if they don’t increase the COE cost of benefits.

Your CUPE Local 30 bargaining committee has continued to bargain in good faith and continues to meet with the city. We are making progress to a fair and equitable deal in an extremely tough labour environment.

Please support your bargaining committee and check the website for regular updates on the progress of bargaining!

Hello City of Edmonton members,

Today we had a bargaining session. This was the first day with the mediator in attendance.

With the offer the City made to us and our bargaining bulletin response, there was some frustration on both sides. This led to little movement towards a deal as most of the day was spent establishing a process to move forward. Most of the communication happened through the mediator.

Near the end of the day we presented two non-monetary articles for their consideration and have proposed future dates for additional bargaining.

Your bargaining committee expressed that it is committed to the bargaining process and reaching a mutually beneficial agreement. This message was also shared with City Council

Additionally, the mediator talked to us about the current state of the economy and political landscape. He brought up the MacKinnon report, released earlier this week, which the UCP commissioned as a “roadmap to fixing Alberta’s finances.”  There is potential that the report and the current provincial government will have an affect on our negotiations.

We will strive to keep updated as things happen.

Thank you,

John Mervyn


Bargaining Committee Members

John Mervyn


Sterling Valentine

Parks and Roadways

Rob Marianix

GVP – Civic (from Parks and Roadways)


Chief Shop Steward – Community Standards

Mark Brzezowski

National Rep

Dennis Gane

Chief Shop Steward – Waste




Shop Stewards – City of Edmonton – Fleet Services


The Collective Agreement between the City of Edmonton and CUPE Local 30 expired on December 22, 2018. As per the Alberta Labour Relations Code, the current agreement remains in effect until a new agreement is negotiated and ratified.

The Pre-bargaining committee collected the surveys and input from members and feel confident that our proposals reflect what we heard from members

The bargaining process usually starts with a meeting to introduce the teams to each other, set ground rules and exchange proposals. At the second meeting, the proposals are broken down into three categories: monetary, non-monetary and housekeeping. Monetary items deal with anything that has an incremental or new cost, non-monetary items attempt to provide new or improved language with which to administer the agreement, and housekeeping corrects spelling and grammar errors.  Finally, as bargaining continues the parties discuss the under-lying interests of their proposals and try to fashion win/win solutions. Proposals that the teams can’t reach agreement on are withdrawn or tabled. At, or near, the end of bargaining some tabled items may be traded to facilitate a negotiated agreement. Bargaining usually starts with non-monetary items and advances to monetary issues. 

If the parties fail to reach a negotiated agreement, they can apply (separately or jointly) to Mediation Services (Government of Alberta) requesting the services of a mediator who can hopefully help the parties reach a negotiated agreement. If an agreement is not concluded in mediation and, subsequent to a two-week cooling down period, the Union can legally strike or take job action and/or the employer can lock out their workers.


The City’s Executive Leadership Team called all of the Union Presidents (CSU 52, CUPE 30, ATU 569 and IBEW 1007) to a meeting on March 11, 2019 to inform them of City Council’s mandate of 0% for wage increases in both 2019 and 2020, along with no other increases to any monetary items. This is an unprecedented action that signals a round of archaic hard bargaining and borders on an unfair labour practice.


The negotiating committee has met 3 times with the City and has discussed non-monetary items such as language in the contract. The Union’s goal is to expedite bargaining with the constraint of providing a fair and reasonable offer to the membership. Your patience is appreciated.


The Unions goal is to expedite bargaining with the constraint of providing a fair and reasonable offer to the membership. However, with the City’s mandate of 0% and no increase in other areas, this round of bargaining could be long and we may have some hard choices ahead of us.


John Mervyn


April 15, 2019

The Bargaining Committee will be presenting Local 30’s proposals for bargaining on April 17, 2019

Once the membership  has approved the proposals, we can move ahead with the exchange with the city. This is currently scheduled for April 23, 2019.

Our first four (4) bargaining dates are May 1, 6, 13, and 27.

Please remember that dates can change or get cancelled. We are communicating with the other unions to keep pace with them so we can work together. So far, only ATU (Transit) has exchanged proposals with the City of Edmonton.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your Shop Steward.

Civic Bargaining Update
March 25, 2019

Hello Everyone,

Due to the City of Edmonton deliberations and approval of the 2019 – 2022 budget, they were not ready to start bargaining with any union.
Local 30 and ATU were scheduled to be the first to exchange on March 22, 2019 with the other unions exchanging a few weeks later.
With the resignation of Business Agent Rick Colwell, this is going to delay the process a few weeks while the bargaining committee chooses a new spokesperson and gets them up to date. This will put us on a similar time frame as CSU 52.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at or 780-426-6050