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November 26, 2019

Bargaining Update

CUPE COE memo settlement –  November 21, 2019

 The City’s offer is:

–          The City will have the right to schedule staff up to 12 hours without a shift vote

–          2-year term

–          0% increase for 2019 & 2020

–          3 paid personal days for Permanent staff (of the 5 days allowed legally)

–          1 paid personal day for Provisional staff (of the 5 days allowed legally)

–          Increase midnight premium to $1.75/hour (an increase of $0.15)

–          50% off admission to recreation centres for your immediate family

–          Increase in Disinterment Allowance

o   $50 per cremated remains

o   $150 per buried bodily remains

–          Bereavement leave – move Guardian to 5 days leave with pay

–          Some language changes

The bargaining committee is not supportive of the removal of the shift vote. We feel this is detrimental to the membership and erodes our ability to protect you. For example, if the members in a work area are starting to feel sick due to the long shifts, we will have no ability to change it.

Currently, the standard shift length is 8 hours. If the City or the members would like to work modified hours (10-hour shift length, 12-hour shift length, etc.) then the affected members must vote and 2/3 must agree to the new shift length. There is also a clause that lets the City or the Union withdraw from that shift.

The City has stated that 12-hour shifts don’t make sense for all areas and would only be for areas that it makes sense for. However, as we have all seen in the past, a new supervisor/director may have a different opinion and you may now have to work 12-hour shifts. Even those who are regulated to a maximum number of hours driving could have their shift extended with additional duties in the shop.

FYI: The City has said that it will be sending an email to all Local 30 staff with their messaging on the offer, similar to the email from Kim Armstrong in response to our bargaining update.

Information sessions and polling location will be announced shortly (we have to book the space).

As usual, if you have any questions please call 780-426-6050 or email me at

Thank you,

John Mervyn


CUPE Local 30